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Have you watched south scenery of Kyoto?

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There is many, but, as for the famous temple with a venerable history of Kyoto, with Kyoto Tower in the lead, most scatter in the north side.
At first, customer who was able to come for sightseeing looks at Kyoto Tower and thinks that we watch the left capital letters of there and go out to sightseeing in ni promptly.
But wait a minute! Give! Whether you could look at scenery of the south side of Kyoto
From seat on the window side of Sakae Kotobuki hermitage of The CUBE11F, we can right overlook the south view of Kyoto!
As for being far far-off position on day of Five Storeyed Pagoda of Todera, roof (laugh) of Tofukuji, Fushimimomoyama Castle, the mountains surrounding Kyoto and fine clear air, but ABENO HARUKAS of Osaka being seen! !
We can look at train running in Kyoto Station under eyes.

Please enjoy Sakae Kotobuki hermitage soaked in Nishikyo with magnificent scenery.
We will be waiting by all means.

※Post by the window is limited. We may not meet requirements about making a reservation.
 Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
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