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2020.01.22 news

Announcement of Wednesday, February 19 the cube B2F closure


The cube B2F will be closed on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.
We would appreciate your understanding.

About the following, we will do business as usual.

 Gourmet street       11:00-22:00

 Kyoto excellent cake, meisaitoko* 8:30-21:00
 (Kagawa 7:00-21:00 that is bulldog D gallaexpress, ritsusenchosusumi)
 Mr. doughnut    7:30-22:00
 Fuku tea        8:30-21:00
 Kano-ya northern coast      8:30-20:00

 Souvenir alley Kyoto Komachi 8:30-20:00

 puronto        7:00-23:00
 Kokumin drug    8:00-22:00
 Ogaki Bookstore        9:00-21:00

※Escalator and elevator are available as usual.
※JR Kyoto Isetan, Kyoto station square underground shopping center Porta, passage to JR Line are available as usual.