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The cube club card

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The cube club card


Enrollment fee 200 yen, annual fee for free


  • ①It is 1 point every 110 yen (tax-included)

    It is one point of addition per purchase 110 yen (tax-included). It is available as one point of = 1 yen directly at store.
    The points become effective for two years from April 1 of point grant day, the following day.

  • ②Three days are point up every month!

    We will upload the points every month for three days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday including last Sunday. By all means this chance without passing over.

  • ③Special treatment system

    Special treatment member is 10 times a month point during every point up period!

    Member with 150,000 yen (tax-included) or more amount of use of last year (April 1 ... March 31, the following day)

  • ④Special treatment service in other facilities

    Please show the cube club card in the following facilities.
    ●Day of Kyoto Railway Museum entering a building ticket 10% discount
    ●"We obtain and come", and art museum is discounted from KYOTO normal rate by 100 yen
    ※Target facilities, privilege contents may be changed without notice.

Detailed information

    <the enrollment qualification>
    13 years old (junior high student) or older

    <enrollment fee>
    200 yen (as for the annual fee, free of charge)

    <the enrollment reception desk>
    Store targeted for the the cube enrollment or the the cube club secretariat (the cube B2F)

    The last update date of this card ※When there is injustice from this for case without the use and use of member card for one year, we lapse in membership, and total point becomes invalid.
    ※The last update date…Point grant, use of point, member information change

    The the cube club secretariat