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Company profile

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Company profile

Name Kyoto Station sightseeing department store
The location 〒601-8002
52, Higashikujokamitonodacho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi KKD building
History S27.07 Company establishment
S27.10 Business start
H03.02 Subsidiary "K K D Corporation" establishment
H05.10 Store business start temporary with building of station building at Kyoto Station temporary station building 2F
H09.09 It is started specialty store street "The CUBE" business by Kyoto Station building
H28.04 Business start such as Kyoto Railway Museum museum shops
Representative President Emoto appearance husband
Capital 40 1 million yen
Main stockholder 96.25% of JR West Japan Shopping Center Development Co.
Business outline ・Sale business such as souvenirs
・Business commission of store where company provides equipment
・Real estate lease business, etc.
Main business ■SC administration
Administration of The CUBE

■The direct management business
Sale of Kyoto excellent cake
・Kyoto excellent cake, meisaitoko* in The CUBE, souvenir alley Kyoto Komachi
・Kyoto excellent cake Porta shop
・Kyoto Railway Museum museum shop
Approach for relief, security